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Which Chevy Cars are All Wheel Drive?


Chevy Cars Featuring All-Wheel Drive

Chevy is one of the most popular automobile manufacturers in the world, and many awards have been handed out to Chevy SUV models. If you are looking for a vehicle that has power and durability but is easy to drive, you should consider a Chevy SUV. You may have asked, “Which Chevy cars are all-wheel drive?” You will be happy to know there are plenty of all-wheel drive (AWD) options available.

Let’s Take a Look at Which Chevy Cars are All-Wheel Drive

Chevy has an extensive list of all-wheel drive vehicles, including trucks, crossovers, and SUVs. A small Chevy SUV might be an attractive option for someone looking for a little more power than a compact car can offer.

The Chevy Equinox is stylish and fun to drive. There are AWD Equinox models available. The Chevy Trax SUV offers plenty of horsepower, plus great gas mileage, so it might be surprising to find out that there are all-wheel drive models of the Trax available.

A popular AWD Chevy is the Blazer. The Chevy Blazer gives you and your family lots of space. The Blazer is comfortable, and the all-wheel drive system gives you the power you need. Both the Chevy Blazer and the Chevy Trailblazer are available with all-wheel drive systems, but the Blazer is going to have a bit more horsepower and torque.

All-Wheel Drive vs. Four-Wheel Drive

If a vehicle only has four wheels, shouldn’t all-wheel drive and four-wheel drive mean the same thing? While this may seem logical, the distinction is in the vehicle’s operating system. In an all-wheel drive vehicle, the drivetrain consists of a front, rear, and center differential. That configuration distributes power across all four of the vehicle’s wheels. Four-wheel drive systems usually only have two differentials with which to transfer power. Depending on the make and model of a vehicle, this could vary.

An all-wheel drive vehicle offers several benefits over traditional two-wheel drive vehicles, including:

Improved traction and stability on slippery or uneven surfaces, such as snow, ice, or gravel.

Better handling and cornering abilities, as the power is distributed evenly across all four wheels.

Potentially better fuel economy than four-wheel drive counterparts, as power is only distributed to the wheels that need it.

Enhanced safety and comfort while driving in challenging weather conditions.

A more dynamic and responsive driving experience.

A good rule of thumb is this – all-wheel drive is always activated, while four-wheel drive needs to be selected to function. A friendly associate at Whittaker Ford can always walk you through the pros and cons of all our Chevy SUV models.

Where can I find an all-wheel drive high quality pre-owned Chevy?

At Billy Whittaker Cars and Trux we have a broad selection of Chevy SUVs. Do not hesitate to stop in to find the one you are looking for! Give us a call at 315-668-2277 and we would be happy to set you up for a test drive of the Chevy SUV you have always wanted.



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