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Can SUVs be Used to Tow? Your Ultimate Guide

Have you ever stood in your driveway, gazing at your SUV wondering, “Can my trusty vehicle tow that new boat or camper?”

Good news! Many SUVs are designed with towing in mind. Let’s explore this topic and find out which SUVs might be the best fit for your needs.

The power of the SUV

The SUV (or sport-utility vehicle) is not just for ferrying kids to soccer practice or navigating snowy roads. These powerful vehicles often come equipped with engines and features suitable for towing. So yes, your SUV can be more than just a daily driver!

Consider Mike, a Syracuse resident. He bought a boat with dreams of lazy weekends on Oneida Lake. Initially, he was worried about towing his new purchase. But, after doing a little research at Billy Whittaker Cars & Trux, he found the best used SUV for towing his boat. Now, he’s enjoying those weekend getaways!

Finding the best used SUV for towing

If you’re on the hunt for the best used SUV for towing, there are plenty of options available. Some factors to consider are engine power and torque; towing capacity (how much weight the SUV can pull); and features such as trailer-sway control or tow/haul mode.
For those who don’t need massive towing capacity, the best used, midsize SUV for towing might be just right. Such SUVs offer a balance of power and size, making them perfect for smaller boats, campers, or trailers.

Score the perfect towing SUV for sale

Are you ready to find your perfect towing SUV? Billy Whittaker Cars & Trux, near Syracuse, NY, offers a vast selection of used SUVs perfect for your towing needs. Whether you need a powerhouse for a large trailer or a versatile midsize SUV for occasional tows, we have you covered.

Don’t miss out!

Imagine the freedom of hitting the road with your trailer, boat, or camper in tow, all thanks to your reliable SUV. Whether it’s a trip to the beautiful lakes of New York or a camping adventure in the woods, the right SUV can make all the difference.

Ready to find the perfect SUV for your adventures?

Head over to Billy Whittaker Cars & Trux in Central Square, NY. They’re eager to assist you in finding the best used SUV for you, your family, and your towing needs. Make memories, experience the outdoors, and let the road trips begin!

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